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About Us

Legacy in Every Grain: Bharath & Bhyraweshwara Timbers

Welcome to Bharath and Bhyraweshwara Timbers, where over 50 years of dedication meets the exquisite beauty of forest timber. 🌳🌟 Experience the essence of Hunsur Teak, a symbol of tradition and unmatched quality in every piece.

South India’s Teak Titans
Specializing in the finest Hunsur Teak.
Centuries of Splendor
Showcasing teak and rosewood over 100 years old, alongside our revered 75-year-old large-girth Hunsur teak.
Consciously Curated
Our collection is ethically sourced, straight from forest department auctions.
Time-Honored Tradition
A legacy spanning over half a century in the timber trade.
Trusted Excellence
Catering to 2000+ customers annually with steadfast commitment.
Vast Selection
Distributing more than Catering to 3000CBM of timber each year, marking us as South India’s largest forest teak wood dealers.

Step into our world, where sustainability pairs with the finest quality. Discover the durable elegance of Hunsur Teak and the historic richness of our teak and rosewood collections.

💼 Explore our passion for timber and the exceptional range we offer. Let us craft enduring legacies together with premium forest timber.

Join the journey with Bharath and Bhyraweshwara Timbers – Embarking on a path to excellence in forest timber. Your destination for unparalleled quality and legacy.

Our Vision

We envisioned a future where quality timber is not just a commodity but a legacy passed from one generation to another. Our vision was to become more than just a timber supplier; we aimed to be a trusted partner in every builder’s, architect’s, and homeowner’s journey, providing materials that carry stories, histories, and a piece of nature.


Rooted deeply in our vision, our mission has always been to procure and supply timber that stands the test of time – both in durability and in environmental ethics. We committed ourselves to practices that respect nature, ensuring that every log we provide comes with a promise of sustainability and legal compliance.

Our Journey

Over the past four decades, this journey has taken us through various landscapes of challenges and achievements. From our humble beginnings in Hunsur, a place rich in timber history, to becoming a name synonymous with quality and trust across South India, we have come a long way. Our growth has been parallel to the growth rings of a tree – steady, resilient, and marking the passage of time with strength.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, our dedication to our founding principles remains unwavering. We will continue to strive for excellence, innovate in our practices, and deepen our commitment to our customers and the environment. Our path forward is clear – to continue being custodians of nature’s gifts, bringing the best of the forests to your doorstep.

We thank you for being a part of our journey. It is your trust and support that have shaped our path, and it is with you that we look forward to crafting a future where every piece of timber holds a legacy of nature’s resilience and beauty.

Years of Excellence
South India's Largest
Forest Teak Wood Traders
Across PAN India
Notable Projects Across India

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