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About Us

Legacy in Every Grain: Bharath & Bhyraweshwara Timbers

Welcome to Bharath and Bhyraweshwara Timbers, where over 50 years of dedication meets the exquisite beauty of forest timber. 🌳🌟 Experience the essence of Hunsur Teak, a symbol of tradition and unmatched quality in every piece.

South India’s Teak Titans
Specializing in the finest Hunsur Teak.
Centuries of Splendor
Showcasing teak and rosewood over 100 years old, alongside our revered 75-year-old large-girth Hunsur teak.
Consciously Curated
Our collection is ethically sourced, straight from forest department auctions.
Time-Honored Tradition
A legacy spanning over half a century in the timber trade.
Trusted Excellence
Catering to 2000+ customers annually with steadfast commitment.
Vast Selection
Distributing more than Catering to 3000CBM of timber each year, marking us as South India’s largest forest teak wood dealers.

Step into our world, where sustainability pairs with the finest quality. Discover the durable elegance of Hunsur Teak and the historic richness of our teak and rosewood collections.

💼 Explore our passion for timber and the exceptional range we offer. Let us craft enduring legacies together with premium forest timber.

Join the journey with Bharath and Bhyraweshwara Timbers – Embarking on a path to excellence in forest timber. Your destination for unparalleled quality and legacy.

Why Choose us

Our Differentiators

At Bharath Timbers and Bhyraweshwara Timbers, we offer more than just timber; we offer pieces of history, stories of nature’s splendor, and a commitment to ethical practices.

Years of Excellence
South India's Largest
Forest Teak Wood Traders
Across PAN India
Notable Projects Across India
Our products

Our Premium Timber Collection :
A Legacy of Excellence

Welcome to our exclusive section dedicated to Premium Timber Collections. With over 50 years of unparalleled excellence and expertise, we pride ourselves on meticulously selecting seasoned timber, aged between 40 to 120 years, that embodies the essence of durability, beauty, and timeless elegance.

Hunsur Teak


Dandeli Teak

Ballarshah Teak


Pan-India Collection

What we offer

Your Timber, Our Commitment

 “At Bharath Timbers and Bhyraweshwara Timbers, we offer more than timber – we offer a journey of quality and care, tailored to your needs.”

Our Journey

40 Years of Timber Excellence

Rooted in Tradition, Growing in Excellence

Throughout the Decades
40 Years of Wisdom

The Foundation of Success

Setting Our Roots – Our journey began four decades ago, grounded in a passion for quality timber and ethical sourcing. From the start, our mission was clear: to provide the best timber, ethically and sustainably.

Expanding Our Reach

Branching Out – As our reputation grew, so did our reach. We expanded our procurement to encompass the lush forests of Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Kerala, becoming a top bidder known for our integrity and quality.

Milestones and Achievements

Leading the Market – We emerged as the largest timber procurer, a familiar and trusted name at every forest depot. Annually, we have been part of over 500 construction projects, contributing more than 1000 CBM of teak and rosewood, shaping skylines and homes alike.

Building Relationships

Growing Clientele – Our client base has flourished, predominantly in South India and especially in Bangalore. We became the go-to supplier for high-profile projects and homes, leaving a mark of quality across South India.

A Legacy of Quality

Durability Guaranteed – We’ve stood by our promise to provide timber that lasts centuries, a testament to the enduring quality of our products.

Decades of Expertise

With each passing year, our expertise in selecting the finest teak wood has only deepened, ensuring that every piece we offer is of unmatched quality.


What Our Esteemed Clients say

Our Gallery

Timber Tales - Every Log Has a Story

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